Why is the U.S. government upset about the iPhone 6?

The new iPhone 6 has been released to great acclaim. People love the size, the speed and the cost. But the U.S. government is less than thrilled. They are specifically unhappy with the announcement that Apple has decided to have the iPhones encrypted by default.

Encryption is a process designed to keep data safe. The data on the iPhone 6 will now be unreadable to everyone except those that the user allows. Encrypted devices require passwords, which means that iPhone 6 users should carefully select a password of at least 10 to 12 characters with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols to keep their phones safe from internet intruders. With “free” services like FreedomPop coming on strong, you have to wonder whether this will present a challenge for Apple.Attorney General Eric Holder has come out and said that the encrypted phones will thwart the government’s ability to prevent child abuse and other crimes. Cell phones have been a very integral piece of evidence in kidnapping crimes since their inception. If the phones are encrypted, law enforcement agencies may not be able to access the phones of victims or suspects to find key pieces of evidence to solve crimes.

Those concerned with privacy in this age of celebrity phone hacks hail this as a victory for people all across the globe.

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  1. Steph December 23, 2016

    FBI Director James Comey also spoke out against Apple’s choice to encrypt. With encryption in place, Apple cannot access user’s phones in response to a government warrant. This is the same reason why http://www.besttermpapers.com/ would have these things tidy for a very long period of time.

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