Why Handy Is The Best Online Home Cleaning Company

The internet has made every task easier these days. For instance, a home owner just needs an internet connection to book for house cleaning now that companies like Handy exist. Handy is a phenomenal online home cleaning and repairs company that has been in operation for not less than three years. When it was only two years old into the business, it managed to make over $1 million in bookings weekly and at that time, it had managed to go from just $3 million to $52 million in run rate.

The company entered the home cleaning market at a time when the market needed a lot of changes in service delivery. The company operates through a mobile app from which clients order for services, pay the cleaners and even tip them. Handy also takes very good care of its cleaning professionals. Different with other platforms where they are paid less than $15, it pays them between $15 and $22. It also gives them the ability to pick their own hours while at the same time offering them with very healthy hourly wage.

Homeowners have also embraced the online cleaning service booking culture precisely the reason the company has been able to experience very good growth. In fact, many consider Handy as their homes’ remote control when matters related to cleanliness are concerned. Handy also does not work with professionals without performing a thorough background check first. According to its management, for one to become a worker, there is a lot of screening done to make sure that only the most qualified and honest people get contracted.

Currently, the company has been able to extend its operations to more than 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada as well as in London. It also has more than 5,000 professionals who are able to perform at least one job each in a month.

When it comes to getting funding for expansion, Handy has not been left behind. The company has in several rounds acquired more than $50 million for expansion purposes which it has managed to use very well. As a result of that, it has been able to offer better services to even more people, therefore, remaining the most trusted online home cleaning services provider. It can be used as a perfect example of a company that purposes to look for solutions to challenges that people are facing using modern and reliable methods. Check out the Handy app on iOS and Android now!

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