Why Choose U.S. Money Reserve

Qualified Gold Specialist

US money reserve customers have the advantage of working with the superior gold professionals who have combined the experience of several years in the gold, silver, and platinum markets. They have the ability to enlighten all the significant information concerning the acquisition of US government issued coins and are at all times contented to help you in making selection of valuable metals.

Taking physical possession of your coins

One of the main benefits of buying US government issued coins from the US money reserve is that you will become the possessor of a tangible property that can be delivered to your house, workplace or bank. These coins are not paper stock credentials, but rather are authorized tender gold, silver, and platinum coins you can clutch in the palm of your hands.

Access to the finest coins on the market

The moment you create an account with the US money reserve, you gain access to some best gold, silver and platinum coins available globally. The purchasing power of US money reserve lets the company provide its clients only the highest ranked coins that are said to command the greatest chance to increase in value.

Price protection program

Customers who have the ability to make qualifying gold orders can price their gold again in a period of 7 days if the US money reserve selling price for those qualifying coins diminishes during that 7 day duration.

100% money back assurance

If you are not pleased with the order you placed, the company will acknowledge the return of any licensed coins within one month of purchase and offer a full refund. Any licensed coins returned after one month are subject to a 20 % restocking charge. Any licensed coins obtained after two months will be subject to the less significant of the original buying price or present market price. US money reserve provides no money back assurance for bullion coins o bars.

Why contented clients have chosen the US money reserve

At the US money reserve, your satisfaction is their top precedence. Whether you are purchasing the coins for the first time, or an established customer, US Money reserves offers the support, quality services, resources and experience you need. The US Money Reserve is one of the leading US Government issued Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coin distributor in the United States. US money reserve provides bullion coins, and gold, silver and platinum coins of high quality made by the US Mint, and completely backed by the government of United States.

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