Who Is Brian Bonar?

A man of distinction who loves his children and family and strives to help small to medium businesses work more efficiently and effectively. Looking at his world and issues in it with a flair for innovation and a desire to focus on the important, Brian Bonar believes that sometimes we must reinvent not only or way of doing and seeing things, but also ourselves.

Brian has done quite a bit in the world of business. He has held a variety of positions with many well known companies. Among some of these companies are Rastek Corp, Bezier Systems, Adaptec Inc., QMS Inc., and IBM. His experience is also working as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing, as well as a Director of Tech Sales.

Some of his more recent work experience has been with Delrada Financial Corp. There he worked as a director since 1995, and as a chairman of the board since 1999. He also has experience as a Chief Executive Officer with Trucept INC. Since leaving these positions Mr Bonar now is gainfully employed by ITEC Industries as their Chief Executive Officer.

How has Brian Bonar been able to accomplish so much in the business world? Well,education is an important step in gaining the positions and the respect of peers and companies. His particular education is from Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. There he received a BSC in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned a MBA and a PhD in International Business Development from Stafford University in the UK. Brian Bonar was written about by Modern Luxury here.

Education is always the best way to enhance business success, but staying and keeping fit is also important to keep up with the pace and demands of being in the business world. Mr Bonar takes being physically active and staying healthy very seriously. He makes it a point to keep up on the latest fitness advances and counts many a personal trainer as his close friends.

Keeping fit also aided Mr Bonar is raising his children and aiding them in advancing in their careers and lives. Both of his children have progressed through their own college careers and have entered the business realm. On a couple of different times they have even worked with their father.

Another aspect that many need to realize is that no one can be all work and have no downtime or time to relax. Brian Bonar is a big fan of country music and enjoys going to the once in a while concert to unwind. When not at a concert, he does enjoy listening to country music when he is not at the office or making another big deal.

Who is Brian Bonar? Well, he is an all around guy who works hard, loves his family and takes time for the important things in life. Take a look at his MG2 profile here.

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