Who Benefits Most with Equities First Holdings- and an Update

Equities First Holdings is excited to announce that the Melbourne offices have just relocated to 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Conducting Equities First business in a space that is more spacious and warm is a fantastic opportunity, and we hope you come by to see the office soon. EFH has experienced tremendous growth recently and has expanded even further internationally. Three offices are based in Australia and others are in Switzerland, Thailand, United States, and more. In all, Equities First Holdings countries. This makes Equities First Holdings one of the largest stock-based loaners that specialize in securities lending services and alternative shareholder financing. EFH has worked with top companies in hundreds of transactions with non-purpose capital and has been strongly recommended by top businesses and clients.

EFH gives loans businesses trying to expand locations or make bold investments that otherwise would be impossible. Business profit and individual income can dip in an economic recession or downturn. Unfortunately, in times of dire need, stress is high and options are most likely limited. Equity First Holdings understands how stressful this can be. This is why EFH always puts clients first. Inevitable changes in the economy shouldn’t prevent you from making investments that provide for the future. Individuals that need quick loans are encouraged to contact Equities First Holdings if they need help in a crisis. High-net worth individuals would be ideal candidates for Equities First Holdings, and people that are concerned about having quick, secure transactions.

If you’re interested in working with Equities First Holdings, we’d be happy to help!

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