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When looking to gain a good SEO ranking, keywords are really the first to be considered. This is because they identify the business and inform users of the content of the business. For a long time, business would employ keyword stuffing that is where keywords are placed in the title, the description and the content of the page.
Although it was an effective method to improve SEO ranking, it did not look out for the user. Placing all these keywords meant that no meaningful information about the page could be found from the results. If you are wondering what is the right way to place these keywords well you are in the right place. The keyword should appear in the
• Page Title
• Main headline
• Description so that users can know what the content of the page is.
• Page content a couple of times

But then comes the big question, how do you target/choose the keywords that you are going to use.

i. Keyword Research
There are a number of tools on the web that can help you to choose the right keywords including Wordstream, Ubersuggest and the explore tool n Google Trends. They can help you to identify which keywords are appropriate, and Google Trends even allows you to sort by location and season. Finally, go through some of the search results and identify the search intent, and in most cases you’ll find gives additional information about the content.

ii. Categorize and list the keywords
Match the pages of your website with a category, after assigning them names that go hand in hand with the search intent.
iii. Then comes a critical part of the process, taking a keyword and assigning it a title and headline. It is also advisable to utilize keywords that are relevant to a specific geo-location.

iv. Lastly, identify synonyms and related search terms. This is because as long as the intent is the same, variants can still be identified by search engines.
And finally, it is important to realize that there is a distinction between keywords and search queries and those keywords alone do not guarantee a better ranking. Search engines have gotten better and through machine learning, they are able to pull up relevant results based on the intent and not the phrasing of keywords.

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