White Shark Media Develops Pragmatic Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is a unique Digital Marketing Agency that offers leading-edge online marketing solutions designed specifically to promote the success of small and mid-sized businesses. The firm is arguably one of the digital agencies that are going through a fast-paced evolution in North America. Reliable and budget friendly Search Marketing campaign and unrivaled customer experience are some of the key drivers of the firm’s growth. Thousands of companies throughout America have leveraged solutions offered by White Shark Media to expand their operations and generate more profits.


Developed on a solid basis of delivering unusual customer experience


Three Danish entrepreneurs (Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk) launched White Shark Media in 2011. The entrepreneur had an extensive knowledge and unmatched experience in the fields of online and offline marketing. Their principal mission was to establish a firm that will conquer the SMB market in both the Latin America and the United States by offering fantastic products and services. The winning formula of the company comprised of national and global presence with competent and multilingual employee base. The employees have mastered an art of sharing with their esteemed customers the current trends in both online and offline marketing.


Reviews from clients


Since its establishment, White Shark Media has proved its commitment to addressing the challenging needs of customers. Ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction has been the top agenda of this digital marketing heavyweight. Most of the reviews posted by customers privileged to receive services from the company are full of praises and compliments. For instance, a customer who operates an e-commerce store commended the company for playing a helpful role in the expansion of the e-commerce business. This client praised White Shark’s representative, Sabrina Quant, for her outstanding abilities to communicate and to develop logical marketing solutions. Another customer, who operates a medical billing company, thanked White Shark Media for its prompt response to emergency and ability to offer evidence-based marketing guidance.




Garry Garth


At the top of White Shark’s management team is Gary Garth who holds the position of CEO. His duty is to implement and oversee the firm’s growth strategy. His cumulative experience in executive leadership, marketing (offline and online), and sale management extend for more than 15 years.


Andrew Lolk


Andrew Lolk is an Executive Vice President in charge of PPC. Before co-founding White Shark Media, Lolk was an employee of two prominent AdWords agencies that handled Denmark-based AdWords advertisers such as Phillipson, Fullrate, and Scor.dk.

Sonia Schwabsky


Sonia is a talented marketing expert. She has received numerous compliments from both new and existing clients for her commitment to delivering quality services. She holds the position of COO.


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