White Shark Media Cuts Customer Service Red Tape

There are few people in the 21st century that don’t have a laundry list of complaints when it comes to customer service. It’s a never-ending conflict for businesses that want to provide the best service or product possible, but still have to invest in providing a means for customers to access them at a time that is convenient to the customer. Now, with businesses spanning the globe providing products around the world, this has become increasingly more difficult.

Probably one of the greatest frustrations of 21st century consumers are phone trees. You know, those annoying response systems that list a number of different options and ask you to press a button to give them a general idea of how to direct your call. And we all know the frustration of having a problem that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the long list of options available. You patiently wait for the annoyingly cheerful mechanical voice on the other end of the line to get through their full list nd offer the opportunity to speak to a live person, only it doesn’t offer you one so you are stuck listening to the full list again. You simply pick a random option hoping it will bring you one step closer to a live voice, only to end up in another tree that still doesn’t offer the option you’re looking for.

One company, White Shark Media, understands the complaining problem and has taken steps to offer their clients a number of different solutions. As soon as clients sign up with White Shark, they are given direct contact information for both the agent in charge of their account and that person’s supervisor. White Shark Media wants to make sure that clients are given direct access to a live person as quickly as possible, any time they need to speak to someone. They are also given the direct extension of those individuals so they don’t have to go through a switchboard, operator or phone tree to connect with them.

In addition, White Shark Media doesn’t wait until there is a problem to connect with their clients. In spite of offering online access to each client to track their own accounts, White Shark also schedules monthly or on demand calls with GoToMeeting, which is an online conference tool that allows both the client and their SEM strategist to look at the same screen in order to go through reports and AdWords accounts together.

While no company is ever going to be able to provide perfect customer service, White Shark Media is constantly striving to improve their ongoing relationships with their clients.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

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