What’s Great About Bumble For Dating?

Bumble is a great app for dating because it utilizes a bunch of new formulas that most dating apps don’t usually include. For example, the main idea is that Bumble allows for women to start the conversation, allowing for women to be the one empowered. It uses the same idea behind Tinder and other apps, but the main premise is that women must start the convo, alongside the fact that women only have 24 hours to send a message. If they don’t send one, then nothing happens and the match is deleted. It’s almost like playing a game and trying to make sure you are up to date with your matches.

Bumble is great because it’s very much focused on dating, and those on the app are looking for potential relationships. Bumble is very easy to use and has a wide range of people on the site. Settings are easy to configure when finding someone within your area.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the app. Growing up, she wasn’t always the popular girl. She wasn’t always invited to things. She noticed that she loved being crafty and doing things differently. It was through her relationships and lack of constantly knowing where to go next where Bumble became an idea of her own. She wanted to create a space for dating and friendship to take place where it all begins with a welcoming nature; not something that’s too filled with the typical guilt found in most dating sites.

Bumble is a very naturally welcoming and fun app. Whitney Wolfe did a wonderful job crafting the idea and building the app to what it has become today. Bumble has a wide range of unique features that are constantly being added, so this is the app to use if you want to achieve that one chance.

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