Wengie Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

In this video beauty logger Wengie encourages people by sharing about her weight loss journey and gives tips for how others can lose weight as well.

Weight loss is something that happens over a period of time. It does not occur overnight. Wengie reminds her viewers that weight loss happens as people change habits and that it can be a slow process. She also reminds her viewers that they didn’t gain weight overnight. Weight gain isn’t something that just happens but is also a result of habits learned over time.

Wengie suggests giving yourself at least 90 days to change habits which, she cautions, will take a lot of self-control to accomplish. It can be a painful 90 days but it is worth it in the end.

Wengie also shares the four bad eating habits that she had when she weighed more. She would eat supper very late at night and it was often something like chips and pasta. Another habit was that she started to drink soft drinks because her boyfriend liked them. The third habit was eating out too often. Restaurant portions tend to be larger and she felt pressure to finish it all to avoid wasting any. Finally, she had the habit of eating the same portion size that she gave her boyfriend when she would cook for him.

Changing those four habits was an important key to losing the extra weight she gained. She didn’t need to go on an extreme diet. It was as simple as eating differently and kicking bad habits. She encourages people to be realistic and lose weight the healthy way.

Wengie put together a book that has a seven-day eating plan. It is a sample of what she eats on a daily basis and is a fusion of Western and Asian food. The ingredients are all simple and a dollar from the sale of each book goes to charity.


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