Watt Guerra LLP To Lead Litigation Against Syngenta

According to a recent press released on PR Newswire, a judge in Minnesota area has appointed Guerra to be supervising litigation related to production of genetically modified Syngenta and its implication on the U.S. corn market. The legal firm belonging to Watt has represented about 92 percent of clients in this dispute. Frank Guerra is the co-lead counsel and also executive committee member for the plaintiff was happy to be representing American farmers, workers and businessmen. He has linked the fall in the prices of corn to the activities of Syngenta. Guerra’s law firm is committed to ensuring that the action of Syngenta will be dealt with appropriately. The firm wants to deliver justice as well as financial aids to those directly affected by Syngenta’s action.

The trial attorneys from Watts Guerra LLP have participated in numerous legal proceedings from their initial stages to the end. For example, Mikal Watt was responsible for filing injury cases after Pradaxa death where they won the case and the victims were awarded $650 million in compensation. The firm has been representing the largest number victims affected by wrongful death. Also, it has filed Pradaxa injury cases across the U.S.

Watts Guerra’s firm has managed to handle several mass action claims all over the United States. Indeed, the firm has won some crucial legal victories in the U.S. history. Watts Guerra is committed to protecting U.S. consumers as well as workers and helping them during litigations related to product liability. The team of lawyers from this firm have held several leadership posts and led some initial proceedings in relation to product liability litigations.

This firm was responsible for coordinating numerous cases that were filed against Firestone and Ford for the loss caused by products that failed to deliver the desired services. Ford Explorers settled the matter with the plaintiffs where they compensated them and issued public apologies. This litigation was led by Guerra’s legal firm.

Born in 1967, Mikal Watts is a recognized lawyer who has handled and represented some high profile cases especially the one involving Firestone and Ford. He wanted to venture into politics and run for senatorial seat in Texas on a Democrat ticket but later changed his mind as the campaigns were approaching. His wife is called Tammy and they have three children. Mikal Watt is highly experienced as he led the first litigation concerning federal Pradaxa where he ensured affected parties were compensated accordingly.

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