Want a healthy, happy dog?

Why not try Beneful by Purina? Listen, a dog and their needs can often mirror their owner’s needs, with regards to what they require for them to stay healthy. For example, just like exercise for you, it is healthy for a dog to run, play, and get some exercise each day. As children, we do this naturally, all the time. So do puppies. But when we get older, not all of us maintain our active lifestyles and we doom our pets into this less active, less healthy lifestyle too. This is a rut we can all fall victim to. Unfortunately for your dog, your lifestyle will often reflect what their lifestyle is. So if your lifestyle has slowed down or your eating habits have been less than impressive, consider how this is possibly affecting your family dog?

What can we do about it? First we can get out and take that poor dog (and yourself) for a walk! You should do this daily if your schedule allows for it. Make sure you interact with your dog while out walking. Talk to them, run with them, and play with them as you pass by points of interest along the way. This can create a stronger bond between you and your beloved pet as well as keep their attention focused on you, and not the cat in the neighbors window.

What else can you do for your dog? Change their diet! Diet, diet, diet!! A dogs diet can be the number one most important thing you can do to keep your dog healthy. You can start by changing that generic brand dog food to Beneful by Purina, a brand that offers your dog a great variety of diet choices. No more table scraps either. While it is easy to think you are giving your dog a nice treat, the reality is that dogs aren’t supposed to eat food prepared for people. That’s why a dog food like Beneful is a much better choice for your dog than table scraps. With Beneful, you can offer your dog dry food, wet food, or even a little snack, or treat for a job well done!

Beneful offers the perfect balance of real, wholesome ingredients for your dog. The choice to serve Beneful is a higher quality and much better food choice for your dog, packed full of nutrition and great taste to keep your dog healthy, happy, and full of plenty of that play time energy.

So, you can serve Beneful to your family friend with the utmost confidence your dog is getting the most balanced and healthy diet you can provide. We all love our dogs. We all want our dogs to be healthy and happy. Giving your dog Beneful by Purina is a great start to a healthier dog. Who knows, a healthier dog may even lead to a healthier you!

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