Voting for a Plant

When you think about voting, you might not think about marijuana being on the ballot. For three states and Washington, D.C., marijuana is up for a vote. If people decide they want to be allowed to have a certain amount of the drug on them, then it will be legal in these states. What’s the big deal anyway? It’s a drug that helps people instead of hurts them, and the vast benefits people in the medical industry like Brian Torchin see for the drug, make it a must have for these states that put ancient and religion fueled restrictions on public policy. You rarely hear of someone getting behind the wheel after smoking marijuana and killing someone compared to reports of people drinking. Marijuana makes people feel sleepy, and it makes people want to eat. How is this such a bad thing? There are now 18 states that have made the drug legal in some form or fashion, and if Washington is going to follow suit, then why should it be illegal everywhere else?

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  1. Kimber Salvador June 22, 2017

    i remember how this news was received back that year where a whole city went agog and there were casualties later. People like me want to relax and let while we hope that a similar thing can happen in the UK so that holidays would be more fun without worry about the police.

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