Vision And Excitement Can Lead To Great Things with Goettl AC

Ken Goodrich bought Goettl in the latter part of 2012. Goettl Air Conditioning at that time was in big trouble. Sales were way down and customer complaints were way up. The company had no idea where it was heading and the staff had no confidence in what they were doing. Things, however, quickly changed. In about a year and a half, though some major changes, the company was making money once again.

Goodrich was able to bring change to the company quickly. Each person was given their own game plan and Goodrich brought some excitement to the company which lead to people wanting to work. He wanted everyone to understand their role and that doing business was the main goal of the company.

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When Goodrich took over the helm the company’s reputation was in serious trouble. Major complaints were coming at them right and left and the Better Business Bureau had given them a failing rate. One of the first thing Goodrich did is he and his technicians went out and did a check on all equipment that was recently installed free of charge to the customer. Even though it cost Goodrich a lot of money, it did wonders to help reestablish the company’s reputation.

To help his employees to gain confidence in themselves. Goodrich requests that photos are sent in during installation and repair of any equipment. A project is not considered complete until Goodrich gives the thumbs up. Employees quickly learned to take pride in their work and because they do not want to get an email from Goodrich telling them they did something wrong, they also have become very efficient as well. Goodrich has high hopes for this company and believes it is going to continue to grow and be very successful.

Goettl has been a big name in the heating and air conditioning business since 1939. The company has been through some transitions but keeps up with all of the latest changes in technologies. The technicians have the latest training and customer service is ready to answer any questions. They serve the greater Phoenix area. They provide services to both commercial and residential buildings.

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