Vijay Eswaran Is Helping Asian Families

The economic climate has changed significantly in Southeast Asia over the past few decades. It is a place that is burgeoning with all kinds of new enterprises. One of those enterprises is the QI Group. This is a large company that was founded by Vijay Eswaran. Vijay started out as an MLM man, but his company soon grew to include many other types of business. He grew his company so much that he was able to write books and start charities. Vijay uses much of his time to help people today, and that help is something that changes lives in the southeast of Asia.

The Charities

Vijay has started two charities to help people in need in southeast Asia. He works with families that need help getting back on their feet, and he works with people who are trying to get their own businesses going. He wants people to have just the smallest chance to succeed. He knows that many people think success is too far off, but he knows that a little bit of money and encouragement from his charity might be able to help.

His Books

The books that Vijay has written outline how he manages his businesses and his lifestyle. His business tactics are laid out in one of his books, and they can be used by anyone to stage a successful business. He has also laid out a lifestyle plan in one of his books that shows people how to begin and end their day. Vijay starts the day with an hour of silence, and he knows that some lifestyle changes can help people get on the right track.

Vijay Eswaran believes in helping people with the platform that he has. He knows he can use his gifts to help other people so that they can be successful, too.

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