Vijay Eswaran is an Incredible Malaysian Businessman

Serving as the Executive Chairman of QI Group
Vijay Eswaran is the Malaysian businessman who is the Executive Chairman of the entire QI Group. This company is based in Hong Kong. This is one of the first companies in the business-to-consumer model with an ecommerce platform that encourages and fosters individuals to start their very own online business. This is a business model that truly will enable the average person to have their own online business. This allows for self-sufficiency. QI Group is known for raising the standards for communities and families. There are numerous opportunities on this amazing ecommerce business platform. This is a company that has a powerful global reach. It combines direct selling with technology. This is a company that leads in lifestyle and wellness products. This is e-commerce that holds a firm belief in corporate responsibility. The guiding principle is to raise yourself to help mankind. This principle has led the company to make large impacts in the communities that they operate in.

Vijay Graduates with a Socio-Economic Degree
Vijay Eswaran is an amazing person. He has an impressive education background. He graduated from London School of Economics in the year 1984. He obtained his socio-economic degree. He had been introduced to binary system marketing while he was in the UK. He became involved in multilevel marketing and kept himself fully informed of all aspects of marketing and business. He is a highly knowledgeable individual who co-founded the QI Group. He is also a speaker and gives talks on business and management forums. This would also include the World Economic Forum. He is an author and he is also known to begin every day with an hour of silence. Mr. Eswaran is involved in philanthropy. He is an astute businessman who is highly impressive and compassionate in every aspect. He also has a WeForum profile.

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