Video Boosts Email Marketing Immensely

Email marketing is a very simple concept. The arrival of an email heralds products, services, discounts, deals, or even general information. Truly solid email marketing strategies do a lot more than just spam inboxes with sales pitches. The emails, instead, content interesting content. Email newsletters are a fine example of how to brilliantly craft an informative sales pitch. Plain writing may not cut in anymore. A better approach would be to use video in emails. Doing so might strike a powerful cord with readers/viewers of the email.

The cord that is struck might be the one that turns them into paying customers. Such a result is a must for any marketing campaign – email or otherwise – to be successful.

Hello Tesla has an interesting article up about how video in email marketing may deliver exceptional results.

The article quotes an interesting figure originally report in a survey performed by the Relevancy Group. In the survey, it was revealed that video in email campaigns yielded a massive 40% increase in revenues. This figure alone should prompt anyone who is already using email in marketing strategies to think seriously about weaving in video.

What is the best way to start using video in a campaign? Hire a service capable of helping out.

Talk Fusion is the company that pioneered video in emails. In 2007, the founder of the company, Bob Reina, sought to overcome IT limitations and develop a way of embedding video in email content. Reina and his IT partner succeeded. Today, things are a lot easier. Talk Fusion has developed templates for weaving video smoothly into an email. Talk Fusion can do a lot of things for those interested in video marketing. Email enhancements reflect only a single area.

Start on enhancing those emails today. The next marketing email that goes out really should have some solid video in it.

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