Veteran donates home


A battle with a terminal disease will possibly cause most of us to take a look at our lives and make some decisions, it sure will adds my friend Marcio Alaor BMG. ForĀ Bob Karlstrand, his battle with colon cancer and a terminal lung disease has put the veteran in a giving mood.

Bob, 65, has been occupying his Maple Grove home for the last 38 years. His home is filled with the usual appliances and furniture in addition to some books and toys. Bob has decided that everything in his home must go. He only wishes to keep a couple of pictures.

The 65 year old veteran states that he has had a good life but does not feel that he will make it to his 66th birthday. Bob grew up an only child so he does not have any siblings. He also never married nor had children of his own.

His unselfish acts has allowed him to open his doors so that people can come into his home and retrieve anything from his furniture to living room carpet . Bob has also decided that once he dies he wishes for his home to be donated to habitat for humanity so that a veteran and his family could reside in it.

Habitat for Humanity is thankful for the home and once they are given the house they plan to rehab it in order to provide a family in need with a roof over their head.

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