Using Securus Technologies in the Fight Against Drugs

It might come as a surprise for some that the war on drugs is actually taking place in the jail as well as the streets. There are many inmates who will tell you that they have an easier time getting drugs in jail than they ever did on the streets. My job as a corrections officer is making certain those inmates can not get their hands on those drugs. Up until now, we have only had a few resources at our disposal.


One of the most effective resources we have is the scanning checkpoints in the visitor center. Each person that comes into the jail has to go through a scanning process, but that device can only discover so much. We also do a physical search and pay very close attention to the interactions between the inmates and their guests.


Even if the inmates get the contraband passed the visitor center, we do surprise cell inspections that usually collect the majority of the drugs. That being said, these inmates are still very crafty at hiding things from us right in plain sight. Up until this year we have had to beef up our team in order to try and stay ahead of the problem, that was until Securus Technologies came to our prison and installed their call monitoring system.


Securus Technologies is already in over 2,600 jails around the country, and the CEO and all 1,000 employees of this Dallas-based company work towards the goal of making the world safer for us all. We started to monitor inmate calls and out of the gate heard calls referring to drugs in cells, inmates selling drugs, inmates using drugs, and how drugs got into the jail. Soon as we hear anything now, we have a team there to eradicate the trouble immediately.


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