USHEALTH Group Continues to Shine Under CEO, Troy McQuagge

Out of the hundreds of nominations submitted to the One Planet Awards, Troy McQuagge’s name came out on top. The nominees of the One Planet Awards come from different professional backgrounds and industries. The one thing unifying them, however, is that they were all accomplished leaders heading up global conglomerates and businesses in the private and public sectors. The overall objective of the awards is to fete the best CEO of the year and Troy’s outstanding accomplishments at USHEALTH Group were more than enough to convince the judges at One Planet Inc. to name him as the 2016’s Gold winner.

USHEALTH Posts Impressive Gains

Since joining USHEALTH seven years down the line, this company has transformed from an obscure entity to one of the nation’s largest quality and affordable managed healthcare products and services. Troy’s is a strategic genius who understands the intricacies and complexities associated with building a formidable brand. A few years after joining the establishment, the visionary leader had already worked his way up to become USHEALTH’s President and CEO. The board members and the investors of the company came to a unanimous decision that Troy was indeed the most capable individual to run the outlet and he did it record time.

Hiring and Recruiting USHEALTH Advisors

True to the convictions of the company’s investors and shareholders, the organization went ahead to post fantastic growth and revenue earnings results, for instance, the share value appreciated by near double-digit figures. Asides, he helped to streamline and improve the core departments at USHEALTH Inc., for instance, health insurance coverage advisors and agents for recruited and then trained. The advisors are now spread out all across the nation where they assist customers in making informed decisions about everything related to medical insurance.

About USHEALTH Group

Medical insurance is a sensitive topic on the minds of everyone in the nation. People understand perfectly how essential it is to get a quality and affordable medical cover, lest they want to lose their wealth and wellbeing. USHEALTH Group is an innovative company which seeks to solve all the woes the masses have with regards to their covers. The solutions offered at this Dallas-based establishment are above all else, reliable and competitively-priced. Troy McQuagge has made it possible for clients to receive tailor-made solutions which fit and rhyme with their working budgets and pre-existing medical conditions.

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