Unicorn Magic…

If ever there was a makeup line that embraced all colors in all their magical whimsy, it’s Lime Crime. Created by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime is makeup for the individual and the many moods that we all experience. Feeling a little outrageous? Why not try purple…in your hair…with a pop of blue on your lips. this cosmetic line abandons the concept of conventional approaches to makeup and tried and accepted applications, and instead embraces the “beauty is whatever you think it is,” mantra, with an all vegan and cruelty-free backdrop.



Color, Color and More Color


Makeup gets to be fun again with this brand. It caters to the magical little kid in all of us with all its sparkle, in both the packaging and the cosmetics and tools as well. You can’t beat that. Dust yourself with sparkles on those days where your blues have you down in the dumps. A little sparkle has the power to make boys and girls smile. The sky is the limit when it comes to Lime Crime unicorn hair color as well as a whole host of other incredibly vivid colors that make already vibrant colors become technicoloron steroids to the 100th power. You’ve never looked so beautiful, vivid, and alive with the magic of living.



A Little Consideration for the Student


Student discounts abound with this brand. After you buy those books for the semester there may be just enough money left to pick up a new gloss or eyeshadow, especially with that 15 percent discount. Life couldn’t be better, right? This brand thinks about the student and makes it easy for them to reward themselves with a nifty little discount.



Doe Deere oversees all product development with fond thoughts of all her unicorns. After all, they are her greatest inspiration. With beautiful unicorns on all her packaging, this is a brand that is forever distinguishing itself from the masses, with its whimsical colors and sparkly fun makeup tools. For all those who ever doubted the power of blatant outright eccentricity, here is a brand that both encourages and embraces it. This brand represents bold unapologetic freedom to be exactly who you are. https://www.pinterest.com/limecrime/

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