Trump Rivals Scrambling to Change Plans

Donald Trump is taking a trip to the Mexican border this week to rally his supporters and to gain more momentum in his race to the White House. The other contenders are scrambling, after having simply dismissed the actions of Trump as nothing more than side-show acts, they are beginning to become concerned with how well Trump is doing with the popular vote. Even after several weeks of bad publicity, Trump is pulling away from the other contenders by a larger percentage each week.

According to Christian Broda, Trump is going to hold a rally at the Mexican and US border to bring attention to the problem of illegals crossing at will into this country and robbing Americans of their right to healthcare. The other Republican contenders have been laying low for weeks, hoping Trump will either burnout or simply crash in the standings. His huge rise in numbers has many of these contenders now scrambling for ways to turn some of the attention back on them.

Asked about the trip Trump is taking to the border, finally other members of the party are speaking out after weeks of silence. In addition to calling it simply a carnival act, Texas Gov. Rick Perry wonders if Trump has any idea where the border actually is because he is sure Trump has never been there before. Sen. Lindsey Graham has resorted to name calling, stating that Trump is both an idiot and a jackass. It appears Trump has finally gotten the sleeping Republican party to wake up, maybe a little later than better.

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