Tom Rothman Considered For Top Sony Position

Tom Rothman has been listed as one of the leading candidates to replace former SONY chair, Amy Paschal, who stepped down from the position earlier this week to head up a new production company and under the lights of very awkward comments made about the SONY talent during the SONY hacking incident. Tom Rothman is the current head of the company TriStar Pictures, which he has headed up since the mid 2013. Rothman was the former co-chairman as well as the CEO of FOX and he also founded Fox Searchlight Company in 1994. Rothman is the only candidate who has headed one of the major studios in Hollywood. Rothman however is not universally popular as a result of his brash style of management and he is not known as having the best people skills with the studio’s talent.

If Tom Rothman is selected he will have big shoes to fill. During Amy Pascal’s tenure at SONY she has presided over a number of block busters including, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Groundhog Day” and “Men in Black.” She had close relationships with many of the SONY talent.

Tom Rothman has a history of success, which included a stellar 18 year track record of hits such as “Titanic” and “Avatar.” Rothman was also at the reigns during the release of the Oscar winning productions “Black Swan” and “The Descendants”.

Tom Rothman does face some stiff competition, which include other high powered candidates, such as Doug Belgrad, who just last year was appointed president of the studio’s (SONY) Motion Picture Group. Another strong candidate is Jeff Robinov, who is the former Warner Bros. head executive, whose brand new film company, “Studio 8”, signed a distribution deal with SONY just last year.

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