Thor Halvorssen Brings Success To More Areas Than Human Rights

Throughout the world the name Thor Halvorssen is enough to strike fear in the hearts of dictators and human rights abusers who have found themselves targeted by the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation; however, Thor has also been quietly building a strong career as a movie producer and activist with a series of award winning movies across a range of genres. In his work with the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has also found the time to combine his movie work with his activism as he has brought a number of film based celebrities to the popular Oslo Freedom Forum events that take place annually.

Thor has moved through a series of projects in Hollywood and in the European cinema that have been very well received and, in some cases, broken records at national box office level. In examining the film work of Thor Halvorssen it quickly becomes clear the interests the Venezuelan producer has in human rights can be seen in his films, particularly the documentaries that tend to focus on oppressed people overcoming their tyrannical rulers; “Freedom’s Fury” is a prime example of Thor combining his love of film with human rights as the popular uprising in Hungary of 1956 is detailed in an entertaining way.

The need to create a new way of exploring the human rights aspects of the work of Thor Halvorssen can be seen in the foundation of The Moving Picture Institute. This charitable group is dedicated to providing funding for professional filmmakers and those affected by a loss of human rights in bringing important stories to the screen. As a dedicated activist Thor Halvorssen has also been known to court a little controversy in his dedication to making sure human rights issues remain front and center in the media; among the popular culture figures who have been criticized by Thor Halvorssen for appearing for and with dictators are rapper Nicki Minaj, actress Hilary Swank, and Jennifer Lopez.


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