The US money reserve has a launched a campaign on go fund me to raise money for the Austin’s police department Operation Blue Santa. It is a campaign that provides the poor and deprived in the Austin Area with a Christmas treat. It provides fill holiday meals and gifts for each family in the area.US money Reserve seeks to raise $ 10000 in the campaign on fund crowd raising platform GoFundMe. It aims to mobilize their employees, clients, friends and community members to help in the campaign.
Operation Santa was launched in 1972 and helped 20 families then. It has since grown and was named among top 11 Santa’s in America. Last year, it served 5000 families and seeks to make an even bigger impression this year. The Austin police department has deeply appreciated the efforts of U.S money reserve to help them with their efforts.
US money reserve is a leading Gold coin and precious metal distributor based in Austin Texas. It was founded by Gold market veterans who wanted to see professionalism in the selling and distribution for Gold coins in the US. It combines top notch market knowledge and excellent customer service for its services. It has over 100 highly trained experts ready to provide information to a potential client 24/7.
US money reserve sells class 69 or 70 gold coins. These are coins manufactured by the Official Coin Mint in West Point and adhere to the highest quality standards. It means they can easily be used as currency in any part of the world. Precious metals have since time immemorial been the best form to store your wealth since they are least affected by swings in the market.

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