The Path to Enlightenment


Everything in life is interconnected; this is a truth that becomes evident through fully immersing yourself into the world. Kabbalah teaches us to indulge in those experiences that impart wisdom, strengthens bonds, and enriches our lives.


Have you ever wondered about the universe and your place in it? The teachings of Kabbalah may open your eyes to a world that exist beyond material possessions and the superfluous value that we attach to them. The teaching of Kabbalah, an ancient wisdom, is predicated on achieving fulfillment in one’s life; we are taught that enrichment is derived through the friendships that we cultivate, and the experiences that ultimately shape our lives. The principles of Kabbalah may sound new age, but it’s an ancient wisdom that incorporates Zohar, which serves as an instruction manual for life, and it is the basis for Kabbalah wisdom. What is Zohar? It’s a spiritual text that explains the secrets of the Bible, and the universe.


At one time Kabbalah wasn’t widely practiced; it was reserved for advanced scholars. This meant that reading materials, and the teachings themselves, were relegated to a select few. Today, however, Kabbalah has become a worldwide effort, providing instruction to nearly four million students worldwide. One of the many locations where Kabbalah is practiced is the LA Kabbalah Centre, which was founded by Philip Berg in 1984, and provides Kabbalistic and Zohar courses. Although courses are also available online, a physical Kabbalah Centre can be beneficial; they can provide clarity for this ancient wisdom and demonstrate practical applications, as they apply to modern life. For example, the LA Kabbalah Centre is involved in charitable works that provide financial and humanitarian aid to those affected by disasters. Some of these charitable works include providing support to victims of Hurricane Katrina and partnering with the Red Cross. Whether you follow the teachings of Kaballah online or attend a Kabbalah Centre, the information is invaluable and will provide answers to many of life’s questions.

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