The Outstanding Financial Management Proficiency by Brian Bonar

Mr. Bonar ( Profile) has extensive knowledge in management. He has worked as a director of the Dalrada Financial Corporation since July1996 and became the Firm’s Chairman of the Board in November 2000. From June 1991 through April 1993, Mr. Brian served as the Company’s Manager of Technology Sales while from May 1994 through October 1994 as the Company’s Deputy President, in Marketing. In August 1995, Mr. Bonar turned out to be the Company’s Executive Deputy President and, in September 1997, was selected as the Corporation’s President and Principal Operating Officer. In February 1998 Mr. Brian presumed the post of CEO.

From 1992 to 1993, he was assistant President of International Sales and Marketing for Bezier Schemes, Inc., a San John, California-based industrialist and vendor of laser printers. From March 1990 to November 1991, he was Global Sales Director for Adaptec, Inc., a San John-based laser printer regulator developer. From 1987 to 1989, he was Vice President of Sales and Promotion for Rastek Company, a laser printer organizer developed situated in Huntsville, Alabama. From 1983 to 1987, Mr. Brian was engaged as Administrative Director of Engineering at QMS, Inc., based in Alabama that develops and manufactures high-performance color and neutral printing solutions. Before these positions, he was hired by IBM, U.K. Ltd. for nearly 17 years. You may have already read about Dalrada CEO Brian Bonar.

Mr. is famously known for the complete turnaround that he embraced at ITEC Company. “So as to grow the Company more quickly, we have to identify a chance to attend to our target markets by providing certain managerial services.In order to take advantage of on our current systems integration proficiency,” Bonar explained, “ITEC has considered an expansion package to offer more services to aid with tasks that have adversely impacted the business processes of our current and likely customers. To this effect, we have initiated a program of calculated acquisitions in persons and employment exercise management. We trust that there is significant synergy between offering office systems solutions with managerial services.”

Before this month, ITEC developed Source One Collection, Inc., a Virginia-founded specialized employer association that offers small to medium-sized industries with human resource and payroll services. “We anticipate this acquisition to add about $40 million in extra revenues in our present fiscal year,” said Brian.The personnel services industry was big and still growing. The PEO industry offered ITEC a way to leverage its bureau products and services to a huge customer base. PEO can influence ITEC products and services to develop services, profits and customer retention.

“Through other planned acquisitions of present office products resellers,” said Brian, “ITEC has managed to assemble an arrangement of competent sales and maintenance personnel. This achievement approach has the ability to leverage the access to assets and customers all over the world, with the local knowledge of small value-added sellers who find it challenging to grow their companies when competing with bigger firms.”

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