The most memorable churches in Minnesota

Assumption Chapel, Cold Spring
The Assumption Chapel is one of the churches that have the most illustrious histories. The first church under this name that was built in the same location was destroyed by a tornado. The current church that stands in the same location was built in 1951 just a few months after the destruction of the first one. The first church under this name was built in the 1970s as a result of an answered prayer on the locust plagues.
Episcopal Church of Our Savior
The Episcopal Church of Our Savior is one of the most beautiful churches that ever existed. The church was built using both the Tudor and Gothic architectural styles. These styles took control of both beauty and strength. The structure has a beautiful base with bricks, and the upper half is made by a timbered stucco design. The chief architect for the building was John Sutcliffe.
Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church
Formerly designed by architect Warren Hayes in 1894, the church was constructed using the Romanesque architectural style. The church has a double square steeple. The archways are made of bricks, and the strength is magnificent. In the year of its construction, the strength of churches was the most considered feature. There were some bits of rumors of war and people wanted places where they could take refuge.
What to expect from God’s word at the Mighty Fortress Church
The church asserts that the word of God has changed thousands of lives who go for the services every week. There is a power that would give every believer the courage to face the life challenges without any troubles. In the end, there is a promise of help and victory if the believer sticks to the word. The current vision of the church is to ensure that people maintain a life of victory. Equally, the church promises to give answers to the toughest questions of life.
The contribution of Bishop Thomas Williams
Having been in the ministry for more than three decades, Bishop Williams has encountered several challenging scenarios which affect the believers. He has developed confidence in the power of the word and its ability to save the souls. The bishop is called to ensure that there is a bridge between the sinner and the power that saves.

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