The Main Complaints White Shark Media Clients And How They Propose To Fix Them

White Shark Media has recently addressed some complaints that they had been receiving from clients. In this statement, the company has also owned up to their mistakes and have come up with a plan to help ensure that these mistakes are rectified. The following information is directly from White Shark Media, addressing the complaints that they have received and how they are going to make them right for their current and future clients.

Clients have lost touch with their AdWords Campaigns:

After reviewing complaints from their clients, White Shark Media realized that the procedures they had in place for reporting were not adequate enough for small businesses to access with ease. To make this service easier to use, the company will now be explaining exactly how the ad campaign works for their new clients.

Communication is lacking:

Communication is key to any business relationship and White Shark Media want to show their clients that they understand how important it is. The new policy for the company is to have a monthly status call with their clients to check in and review any results from the past month. In addition to the monthly calls, the company has also updated their phone system to include direct extensions to their employees for easier access.

New campaigns are not performing as well as the old ones:

In order to see a higher success rate for their clients, White Shark Media is implementing new policies when it comes to the ad campaigns. The ad campaigns that were existing will stay in use to produce results. A skilled supervisor will also be in charge of overseeing the client’s campaigns and its management.

The person I signed up with is no longer available for help:

White Shark Media is addressing this complaint by making the transition phase for clients a smoother process. After signing up with a contract consultant, that person will continue to check in with the client from time-to-time. While no longer available as the first person to contact, they will still be available for questions.

White Shark Media is a leader in North America in the Digital Marketing industry. They work with small and medium-sized companies to help tailor online marketing solutions specifically for them. Since White Shark Media’s opening in 2011, they have worked tirelessly to help thousands of other businesses grow using online marketing tactics.

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