The Lung Institute; Using Stem Cell Technology To Treat Chronic Conditions

Recent advancements in the health sector have seen the implementation of stem cell technologies. For this reason, Jack Coleman, an expert from the prestigious Lung Institute is set to make a presentation on the subject at the International Conference on Responsible Stem Cell Research. The event will be held in Padua, Italy.

In the convention, delegates will discuss the present day application of stem cells, and their role in impacting the future. Currently, this new invention is seen as a better alternative to the conventional treatment methods which are not only time-wasting and expensive but also cumbrous and inapplicable.

Some of the contentious issues that Jack is expected to address are the funding and functioning of the studies on this matter, as well as the subject of clinical trials. Coleman will shed light on how these procedures are controlled, and how these regulations affect the delivery and affordability of these remedies. Jack is an advocate for the adoption of new methods, as he sees the current processes to obsolete and inhibiting. Hence, he will talk about measures embraced by other nations, and how his country can emulate the strategies.

The conference, which has captured the interests of many, is funded by the Pontifical Academy for Life, an organization under The Roman Catholic Church. Several prominent persons are expected to grace the occasion, including researchers, the clergy, doctors, and patients as well. Famous Nobel laureate Yamanaka Shinya will address the convention over an internet video feed.

The adoption of stem cell technology has revolutionized the health industry. However, according to Dr. Coleman, this research is funded by large biotech institutions as well as the government agencies, which impose stringent regulations. Due to this strict rules, the therapy is expensive, an effect felt by patients. Jack is pushing for an international application of these techniques, which will mitigate the high costs associated with this discovery.

About Lung Institute

The lung institute has been lauded by many for providing excellent services, specifically to chronic pulmonary system conditions. The establishment boasts an impressive record; with over four-fifths of the 3,000 patients they have treated giving positive feedback.

It was established in 2013, with head offices in Tampa, Florida. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, opening offices in Tennessee, Arizona, and Philadelphia. Visit the website ( and Facebook page to learn more.

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