The Koch Dynasty Ponders on Taking on Trump and the 2016 Election

The billionaire Koch family headed by Charles and David Koch is undecided on which political candidate to back for the 2016 election that is just around the corner. However, it is clear that the largely republican brothers do not support a Donald Trump candidacy. The Kochs have for a long time tried unsuccessfully to have a republican candidate they supported get elected. This is despite the millions of dollars that they have raised in the past to fund candidates they preferred.

Libertarian views

Charles Koch is largely libertarian in nature and have spent a better part of the last 40 years trying to change the Republican Party’s views towards a more free society. They decided to choose the lesser evil between the democrats and republicans by settling on the latter and hoping to slowly influence the views of the party to suit their own.

In the 70’s, the Kochs lost a fight that sought to get rid of the two way political system between the Democrats and Republicans. Their support for the Libertarian Party was defeated. Since then, they have methodically worked on meeting their goals by assuming more pragmatic approaches. They fought to have the law that limited the amount of donations made to support political campaigns by corporations and individuals.

Changing the political scene

Their aim was to create a new face of politics where high net worth individuals had more sway and influence over the political process. They helped to build large networks of mega-donors who could bankroll a whole campaign in support of their agendas. However, despite this large wealth and power, it has proved difficult to completely influence the political scene.

Donald Trump the Wild Card

In the 2016 election, the Kochs have vowed to raise $900 million to have a republican elected to the White House. However the rise of Donald Trump as a strong candidate threatens their ambitions. Trump has proven to be a serious contender in the primary elections. The Kochs do not hold the same views as Trump and have seriously considered launching a campaign against him. A move against Trump would risk alienating members of their wealthy network.

Furthermore, any attack on Trump would actually help the candidate to further his agenda and fight against the cabal of billionaires he claims are out to influence the election.

About Charles Koch

The eighty year old Charles Koch is an avid philanthropist and businessman. The MIT educated engineer joined his fathers’ business and has since dedicated his life to grow the family business and change the political climate of the United States towards a more liberal one.

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