The Joy of Collecting

Michael Zomber is a collector of antique pistols, rifles, armor and samurai swords. His passion for weapons is easy to understand for those of who were raised in a house where pistols, rifles and shotguns were in evidence.

There is a childhood fascination for a rifle which through bolt or lever action can load a cartridge into a barrel chamber and fire, making noise and sending a rocket into spaces near and far. It is possible to recall the music made by the bullet entering the chamber and the anticipation of having a powerful firearm in your hands. Guns are not toys and yet they replace toys for boys and men by being items of beauty and substance. Those who appreciate firearms are not able to look at a Colt.45 Revolver and not want to heft it, feel the weight and balance, spin the cylinders for bullets, and only then cocking the mechanism, aiming at a phantom target.

For collectors of firearms and those who appreciate such collections there is an appreciation of history. The Colt Revolver had an immense impact on the western states of America in the 19th century, the Colt 1911 automatic was the iconic sidearm on the Second World War, the Thompson Machine gun was synonymous with the gangster era in Chicago, the Lugar and Mauser automatics issued to German officers in WWII became symbols of evil, even the small, discreet Walther PPK used by the fictitious James Bond had its important place in history.

The collector’s life is an interesting one, pursuing their personal passions. Michael Zomber has been collecting firearms and armor for more than 40 years and he has shared his knowledge and love of firearms as a guest historian on a History Channel, “Tales of the Gun” series, whose episodes included “Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Famous, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols and Million Dollar Guns”.

Zomber is featured in a YouTube episode which deals with the oriental rules of courtesy among samurai warriers. For video:


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