The Incredibles Are Coming Back!

Since 2004, both children and adults have been eagerly awaiting a sequel to the hit Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures 3-D action and adventure film The Incredibles. Well, the wait is over!

In a Disney shareholder’s meeting this month, Bob Iger, the CEO and chairman of Disney, confirmed that The Incredibles 2 is in the works. So far, it is estimated that the release will be some time next summer. Many film critics have noticed that with a 12 year wait, a lot of young adults and teenagers who enjoyed the first film may find themselves enjoying the sequel with their own children.

The supposed plot of the sequel will involve Bob and Helen Incredible coming out of the semi-retirement in which they have been raising Jack-Jack while allowing Violet and Dash to take the reins as superheroes. Marc Sparks feels it is believed that Jack-Jack has difficulty controlling his powers and will become mentored by a villain who realizes that Jack-Jack’s control only comes when he is angry or behaving in an evil, villainous fashion.

Whether this plot is the real deal remains to be seen. If this story is what fans should expect, it will explore many themes including the emotional and life toll that comes from children who take the places of their parents, parents who “return to work” and the role of nature versus nurture.

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