The Flaws in a Flu Vaccination Argument

A UC Santa Cruz graduate who has a BS in evolutionary biology and ecology named Ian Evans penned an article this week called “Why Didn’t I Get the Flu Shot? And Why Didn’t You?” about the importance of more people being vaccinated against influenza.

His arguments are very good and he actually makes a better case for flu vaccines than many supporters of measles vaccines. Yet, he does not provide a good enough snapshot of both sides of the issue.The flaws in his argument?

According to my friends Dave and Brit Morin and buzz on, Mr. Evans only cites two of 10 reasons from a Massachusetts Medical Society online pamphlet that has false information in it. For example, the number 9 reason is that “My doctor didn’t recommend it.” followed by a statement that all healthcare practitioners recommend flu shots. This is incorrect. People with compromised immune systems may be told that their bodies can’t handle “practicing the flu fight,” as Mr. Evans put it. Those with severe allergies are also told not to get it.

The CDC has never publicly acknowledged these last facts, but an online search of H1N1 flu shot reactions, which is the best example, quickly reveals horrifying tales from thousands of women who got the shot while pregnant and experienced horrible results.

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  1. Mary Taylor August 12, 2017

    Mr. Evans fails to acknowledge that many people have reactions to the flu shot from sensitivities. Sometimes a flu shot can also induce miscarriage or premature labor. This is the easiest thing that essay writing service australia has been able to provide for all and sundry before something bad start getting out of their way right which is the real deal behind all of this.

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