The Disappearing Bees Is A Complex Mystery

Bee Keepers Lost 42 Percent Of Their Colonies In 2014

We could call it a bee plague if researchers could establish the cause of bee hive collapse. Bee hives are incredible bug cities. Bees act life a single form of consciousness in a hive. Each bee performs a task. Each task contributes to the whole. In a way, single bees act like single cells that join together to form a living entity. For some reason 1 out 3 hives have been abandoned over the last few years, and that is an important as well as alarming sign.

The cause hive abandonment has been linked to pesticides, climate change, polar shifts, electromagnet interference and alien abductions, but not of these causes have been proven. The fascinating fact about the bee disappearance is they leave no trace. There are no bodies lying around the hive or anywhere near the hive. The bees vanish, and researchers say they don’t go to other hives.

Monarch butterflies are going through a similar fate says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Why are butterflies and bees disappearing without a trace? So what is the cause? The answer is no one knows why, but it’s safe to say the bees and the butterflies know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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