The Best Chilled Wines

The experts at Antique Wine Company are highly trained, so they know the proper serving temperatures for a variety of wines. This is important because the temperature can affect the smell and taste of wine. When wine is served cold, it is less alcoholic; however, the wine’s actual flavors are more bold. Warm wine has a strong alcohol flavor, which is why most people overly chilled their wine before they have dinner.

Red Wine Temperature Guide

AWC employees teach clients about the intensity and weight of wine. Some wines have a thick texture, and some beverages are less intense and lighter. If a red wine is stored in a cabinet at room temperature, it must be refrigerated for 45 minutes until it is slightly cool.

The Best Chilled Red Wines

Lambruscos are light sparkling wines that are manufactured in Italy. Winemakers make the wine from Lambrusco grapes. The beverage is produced after yeast eats the grape juice. The wine is bubbly because carbon dioxide is produced during the fermentation process.

Beaujolais Wine

Beaujolais wine is made from a Gamay grape, which is found in France. Because the grape is unique, it produces the lightest red wine. Beaujolais wines are usually seen in grocery stores shortly before Thanksgiving. However, Antique Wine Company employees provide this wine to consumers throughout the year.

Pinot Noir Wine

A Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines in the world. It is a light, complex wine, but it has a very delicious flavor. Because the manufacturing process is lengthy, the cost of a Pinot Noir is slightly expensive. However, some stores sell the wine for less than $15.

These wines and many other great wines are available at Antique Wine Company. Contact a specialist today to learn more about the benefit of drinking chilled wines.

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