Teenager Suffers Grand Mal Seizure And Gets Tased Three Times

In Etoeah County, Alabama a lawsuit has been filed against police officers from Rainbow City who fired tasers at a teenage girl while she was having a grand mal seizure. The suit accuses five Rainbow City officers and three Gadsden officers who were on duty to handle security at a hip hop concert the teenager was attending.

The officers are accused of using excessive force and torture in the 32 page suit filed in the U.S. District Court. Other cruel and inhuman treatment is listed in the charges. Also included in the suit is Center Stage where the concert was held and Rainbow City Police Chief, Greg Carroll.

The teenager and her mother are seeking damages for emotional distress, medical expenses, pain, attorney’s fees and punitive damages. The girl was tased three times in the chest as she was being held down suffering a seizure. Other officers stood by and watched as her mother was knocked to the ground trying to help her daughter. She too was tased, handcuffed and arrested.

Kenneth Griffin a coleague of Jim Turnbach, attorney for Rainbow City says he not seen the suit, but states it will be vigorously defended. Center Stage is not answering questions related to the incident and the attorney for Garden City, Lee Roberts has said he has no comment at this time.

When a performer left the stage during the concert and went into the crowd it initiated a stampede. The girl was knocked to the ground setting off a grand mal seizure. This condition causes her to lose consciousness, exhibit loud vocalizations and muscle contractions. When the seizures began it caused the crowd to part and form a circle around her where her sister explained to employees of Center Stage she was experiencing a seizure. An employee simply picked her up and carried her to the lobby where she was dumped on the floor and held with a choke-hold until police arrived.

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