Technology Guru Eric Pulier Works To Make A Better World

Eric Pulier is an author, executive and entrepreneur. He currently serves as chairman of the board and CEO of Service Mesh Inc. Pulier has a long history in the software and technology industry. Even as a child, he had a great interest in computers. By the fourth grade, he was programming and by high school, he formed a database company.

After high school, Pulier went to Harvard University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in American Literature. He also wrote for the school’s newspaper. After college, Pulier’s interest turned back to computers. He decided to pursue some opportunities on the West Coast and moved to Los Angeles. He started his own software technology company in 1991 called People Doing Things. Three years later he founded Digital Evolution.

Over the next 20 years, Pulier either headed or sat on the board of directors of many technology companies including Desktone, Appsense, SOA Software Inc., CMT Center for Telecom and Cloud at Computer Services Corporation. He also founded U.S. Interactive in 1998. Pulier often speaks at many technological conferences around the globe, and he also sits on a number of advisory committees. Among his peers, his seen as one of the foremost authorities on technology in the world.

In 1997, Pulier was given the honor of creating the Presidential Technology Exhibit in Washington D.C. Vice-President Al Gore invited Pulier to serve as executive director of the Policy Task Force on Health and Technology. Today, Pulier is part of President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative. One of Pulier’s crowning achievements is creating the Starbright World social network for sick children to reach out to other children through chat and blog posts. This PDF also discusses the CEO.

Pulier is known for his charitable efforts and gives regularly to many organizations including the Painted Turtle, a group for chronically ill children.

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