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Richard Mishaan Design: An Adventure in Style

Richard Mishaan Design is a premier interior design firm that has a unique artful flare. Located in New York city, Richard is in the middle of the American design hub working his passions and creativity. He pursues architecture, interior design, landscaping design, furniture design, creating books of his work, and fashion.


Originally from Columbia, his Latin passion shows in the elegance of his designs. He was educated at New York University, graduating with a BA, and then attended the Columbia University School of Architecture. Richard broke into the field of architecture by apprenticing with Philip Johnson. He then went into sportswear fashion design for several years. Now, building it over 20 years, Richard Mishaan Design is a hugely successful realization.


Elle Decor A-List and Architectural Digest have paraded the work of Richard Mishaan Design on their covers. His clients, those who have a pertinacity for collecting, love his work. Richard has a talent for blending their collected pieces into a magical room design. He likes to create an atmosphere that reflects the essence and tastes of his client.


Part of the success of Richard Mishaan Design is the versatility of his design capability. With his varied background, he is not afraid to mix things up with textures and structure. He has created a multi-layered look with antiques to give the room a plush cozy feeling as well as designing with stark walls and draperies in order to accent a client’s contemporary fine art collection.


Homer Designs is Richard’s couture furniture and accessories store. The store ranges from the classic to the out-of-the-box contemporary in a choice of styles. It is also located in the “Big Apple”.


If you are seeking a stylish and unique look to your next interior design project, the Richard Mishaan Design firm would an adventure you might want to try.

Richard Mishaan : A view like no other

Richard Mishaan has the Midas touch when it comes to fashion, architecture, and interior design Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia, and before he becomes a genius of design, he attended New York University as well as Columbia University School of Architecture. Richards designs captivates and intrigues the mind. From his collections there are two designs that I like that are central Tribeca Residence and the Floridian Residence.

The Tribeca Residence stands out in this intricate, colorful, and comfortable apartment. From the high-tech appliances to the distinctive, intriguing rooms, this is apartment place for the glamorous. The Tribeca Residence is for a modernized individual who wants to stay current with style. It is not just the expensive items that are in there, but it is the way that each room is carefully thought out. The Tribeca Residence is a place that I could live in now and into the future. The Floridian Residence is a masterpiece.

The residence is full of creative arts in another dimension. Every room is filled with art that one feels as though they are in a museum. From the various sculptures to the eccentric paintings, the Floridian Residence is the place of an art lovers dream. The Floridian Residence is an eye opener to the art world, that would leave you wanting more.

Richard is also the author of two books that are the Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. The designs the Richard Mishaan creates is on another level. Richards design is unexpected and opens your mind as well as your eye to a different room. It’s nice to see the refreshing, yet motivated design from Richard Mishaan.