Susan McGalla Continues To Excel in Male-Centric Business World

Even with changes in the laws and statutes of our land, women, in many cases, are still treated like second-class citizens when it comes to equality in the workplace. Although women have the rule of law on their side, in secret they are treated less than equally.

Business in general is still suffering from a myopia when it comes to letting women take the reins in the decision-making processes of American business. The numbers speak for themselves, and they speak loudly. Only 1% of businesses in America are run by women. Another amazing statistic is that 85% of all of the businesses in America with an executive board have no women in the decision-making ranks.

When it comes to compensation, there are more alarming statistics. According to research, it has been found that women are paid $.75 to every one dollar a man makes. This means that men receive 32% more in pay that a woman does, even if that woman has the same job experience and education as their male counterparts. In many cases, what the law has addressed, has gone by the wayside and dismissed by certain segments of corporate America.

It is not surprising that women aren’t taking the statistics lying down. In many instances, women are deciding to forgo the standard route and not deal with the glass ceiling that is in place. Instead they have decided to go forth and create their own opportunities and businesses. Entrepreneurship, when it comes to women, have never been as high as they are now.

But even with these advances, there is still much to address when it comes to the perceived roles of men and women in business. The few that do break through all of the male imposed barriers and reach the pinnacle of success in business are rare, but the ones that have, have done so in a remarkable manner. These women have shown remarkable career strides and have amassed incredible resumes.

Susan McGalla has been in various forms of businesses for years. She began as a marketing expert for the Joseph Horn Company. After exceeding all expectations in that assignment, she was appointed CEO of American Eagle outfitters, where she helped the company reached new heights in sales and distribution. From her position with American Eagle, she took on the position of CEO of Wet Seal, a California-based surf clothing and accessory line.

She has also worked for major organizations, companies that have a male centric marketing position. She has worked for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization as their Strategic Head of Planning. She currently works for HFF Inc., a major real estate developer and capital venture firm.

McGalla has shown a wide range of diversity and marketing savvy throughout her career. It is no wonder that she, as well as many other women are making huge strides in a business climate that at one point disregarded them. McGalla is an example of what can occur when women are allowed to use their talents to better the companies they serve.

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