Sugar Babies Like Their Arrangement

Some women are participating in an agreed upon arrangement which pays for their college education and in most cases a modest life style. Informally called “Sugar Babies,” these women form pragmatic relationships with older men of means and wealth. The arrangement is simple. For affection and comfort and maybe other benefits from the woman, the man pays for the woman’s tuition and maybe provide her with a weekly or monthly stipend. Society Debates Whether Sugar Babies Are Simply Sex Trade In Another Form While some find the arrangement agreeable, others are hotly debating whether such arrangements are supporting a sex trade in another form. Some of gone on to state that these types of arrangements are simply prostitution, but many argue that the line between a consenting relationship between a man and woman and what society deems illicit sexual behavior are becoming extremely blurred. many take the argument even further and contend that the concept of prostitution is outmoded, except in the instances of forced sex trade and human trafficking. This is the problem. Do arrangements which Sugar Babies enjoy create the environment for human trafficking or are the two, separate and distinct issues. While paying for sex is illegal in most areas, some argue that paying tuition for a woman in exchange for intimate companionship is essentially the same activity. society may be forced to deal with this issue sooner than they may want to as a result of more open social relationships, brought about by social media.

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