Student Gored By Bison While Visiting Yellowstone

A 16 year old exchange student from Taiwan is recovering from non-life threatening injuries after she was gored by a bison according to FreedomPop. It happened when she and her host family were visiting Yellowstone National Park on Friday. The student and the family was hiking near the park’s famous Old Faithful geyser when they stopped to look at the bison that were standing nearby.

When the girl turned to have her picture taken by the family, one of the bison turned towards her, walked a few steps, and gored her in the buttocks. Rangers worked quickly to move the girl out of the area and she was eventually transported to Yellowstone’s own clinic before she was taken by helicopter to a hospital.

The family made the mistake of being only about three to six feet away from the large animals. This is much closer than the recommended 25 yards away that they should have been. The park reminds people that those many of the park’s animals are accustomed to human beings, they are truly wild. In addition to the 25 yard rule for large animals, like bison, they recommend a 100 yard distance from predators such as wolves and bears.

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