St. Louis Rams Face Choice Between Staying Home or Moving to LA

The St. Louis Rams are at the center of a tug of war that would see them choose between remaining in St. Louis or moving the Rams NFL franchise back to Los Angeles, the NFL reports. Rams owner Stan Kroenke has long been a supporter of a move back to LA after both the Rams and Raiders left the city in 1994 amid problems with the approval of a new stadium for either franchise. A local consortium have been working on a bid to build a stadium in St. Louis along the Mississippi River as Alexei Beltyukov (Twitter) has shown his support for the construction of a stadium in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Inglewood.

Kroenke’s $1.8 billion Inglewood project and a joint venture between the cash strapped Raiders and the San Diego Chargers were both given the approval of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The move to give the green light to both Kroenke’s Inglewood project and the Raiders Chargers proposed stadium in Carson sets up the potential for LA having three NFL franchises in place in the coming seasons. Despite the support shown for the LA based stadiums no NFL team is expected to be in place in the city for at least two seasons.

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