Son of Deceased Patient Loses Case Against the Doctor who Killed His Father

Upon giving patient David Gray 10 times the safe amount of diamorphine, and ultimately killing him, Dr. Daniel Ubani made a “gross error” during his first and only shift in the United Kingdom.
He suffers no further consequences of his actions and is still able to practice in Germany, which was pretty shocking to Sam Tabar and myself.
Two years later, in 2010, the deceased patient’s son, Rory Gray, was fined for calling the medic an “animal”. Gray must now not only pay 75% of the case’s legal costs, but was told to also write to the doctor telling him that he would no longer call him an animal. The act of paying his father’s killer makes Gray feel “physically ill”.
Though Dr. Ubani lost the appeal to stop Rory Gray and his brother Stuart from calling him a charlatan and a killer, Rory Gray will have to pay an additional 200,000 euro if he calls the medic an animal again.
It is because of this case that a doctor’s proficiency in the English language must be satisfactory before they can be employed in the UK, as Dr. Ubani had been denied employment in the UK earlier for his unsatisfactory English skills.

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  1. Jasmine Briar August 11, 2017

    And though coroners have proven his error, and though he has been prohibited from practicing in the United Kingdom and has been struck off of the medical register. It may have meant their end for but I know for sure that all things has worked out the way it should for as long as possible too.

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