Something Worse Than Heartbleed Could Be On The Horizon

I’m sure we all remember how scary Heartbleed was, when the security exploit was revealed.  Well, there’s something even worse on the horizon, and it’s called Bash.

Bash is a security flaw that could open up access to a user’s personal data, a small computer network’s server access, and could even open up access to internet connected cameras and microphones.  This exploit allows for malicious code execution through the bash shell, and can literally allow someone to take over an operating system.

The Operating Systems most likely to be affected by Bash include Unix, Linux as well as hardware running Max OS x.

While most major systems are in the process of being patched, like most services on major web servers, it’s uncertain how far reaching this security exploit could become.  Despite most major networks patching Heartbleed, there are still thousands of PCs and networks at risk.

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  1. Stephanie Collins October 26, 2016

    It’s always the smaller ones, or the people who don’t necessarily keep up on tech news that are most likely to be affected. And that is really cool for and what they stand for.

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