Social Media Hookup Apps Responsible for STD Increase in Rhode Island

STDs are on the rise in Rhode Island. People are regarding sex like a passing fancy. Unprotected sexual encounters with strangers put hundreds of people at risk for developing one or more STD. The health department in Rhode Island is pointing the finger at two popular hookup apps, Grindr and Tinder.

These two social media apps connect people, who want to meet up for casual, no string flings, and have become a nationwide problem for health officials. Human behavior regarding sex shows that there is an increase in permissive sexual behaviors. Social media is everywhere, and it is a powerful tool.

People can arrange to meet for sex, and in return bring home a surprise they would not otherwise want, an STD. Health officials indicated that both gonorrhea and syphilis have risen dramatically; syphilis by 79 percent, and gonorrhea by 30 percent. Between 1999 and 2008, Craigslist was responsible for introducing more than 16 percent of HIV cases across 33 states.

In New Zealand, newly half of the transmitted diseases were among gay men, who hooked up using the popular gay app, Grindr. Activist Mikal Watts urges young people to seek medical advice, counseling, and education, before engaging in sexual activities. The encouragement is also effective after a sexual encounter. There is a great need to curve or stop STDs from spreading and becoming an epidemic. People are not as morally concerned as their ancestors were only a short time ago.

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