Slyce to Demonstrate New Visual Search Tools

The Toronto based image recognition platform was set to showcase a whole slew of new tools and features currently available and also in beta development at according to Yahoo Finance. Slyce provides innovative search solutions for retailers which help to significantly increase customer engagement. The main focus of the company is that when integrated with the retailer’s app consumers can simply take a picture of an item and then search for that item or similar items within the inventory of the retailer. Even better is it allows them to purchase the item at exactly the moment they saw something that caught their eye.

Some exciting new tools being featured during the upcoming release are Slyce’s universal scanner, insights, snap-to-coupon, and an out-of-stock mitigation tool which is currently in beta testing.

The universal scanner makes searching for an item even easier than taking a good picture of what they want. Thanks to this new feature customers can search the retailer’s inventory with a picture of a QR code, bar code, or even of a coupon.

The newly offered Slyce Insights will offer the industry’s first data analytics platform for visual search. This will provide retailers with the ability to learn more about their customers and leverage this information to increase their overall shopping experience as well as engagement with the brand.

The third tool being offered is a great addition to the platform as well. Snap-to-coupon allows consumers to take photos of retailers coupons and store them on their phone. It will then alert customers when they are near the store they currently have coupons for and also if the coupon will expire soon. This feature is a great call-to-action that will now be available.

The out-of-stock mitigation tool is an innovative solution to a common problem. All too often consumers are frustrated when they notice that a retailer is currently out of a certain item and will simply move to a new website to obtain what they need. Not so anymore thanks to this update which will instantly provide viable alternatives to consumer when an item is out of stock thanks to its attribute matching system.

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