Skout is like off-line life

I think that Skout is an excellent dating app. However, calling it a typical dating app is severely selling the platform short. Skout is actually a social media site that is thinly disguised as a dating app. Traditional dating apps are full of sharks, scorned lovers and gold diggers. They are like going to a bad version of an 80’s movie. The only opportunity that these inferior dating apps offer is the ability to hook up. However, this does not even happen initially because you cannot be sure that the person posting pictures and information is the person that you are going to meet. Additionally, these apps do nothing to separate people by any type of peer related groups. This prevents the constant onslaught of young ladies who automatically think a mature man will be interested in their infantile worlds and minds. However, I am sure this happens because there are hundreds of older men willing to have their egos massaged by younger ladies, but that is not me.

I prefer mature women who have made their own means in life. These women are not dependent. This means that their dating interests are along the lines of finding someone with equal interests and means instead of dating for a financial lifeline. I cannot think of a single reason why a younger women would want an old man? I also cannot understand how these men are willing to engage these people as if they are really interested in them and not their money. Skout eliminates this paradigm wholesale. Because it has the social media component, I can kind of gauge who the person is. Of course this is predicated on these people posting true information, but I can also engage groups in conversation in forums of like mined people on Skout and utilize the prospective date’s aptitude in these settings to judge whether or not the perception of these people is reality.

Because groups are categorized according to peer groups, I do not have to worry much about the young gold diggers, and I have made more friends than I have had dates, and that is okay with me. In fact, I prefer to meet people in this manner. They already have some idea of who I am because of my posts and interactions other people in our peer group. It just seems more like the way that I met people before I was a part of the married life for so long. After I divorced, I really missed that way of getting to know someone before you are involved. By doing this, on Skout, I can discern friends from relationships that I would like to pursue romantically.

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