Shedding Light to Five Myths Regarding the Koch Brothers

In the past, the Koch brothers were not as popular to many people in the United States, for instance the insiders in Washington DC. Their popularity was triggered by a series of investigative reports made by various journalists such as Jane Mayer in The New Yorker dubbed as Covert Operations. Consequently, other entities such as public interest groups and journalists have followed suit to dig for more information about the vast political affiliations and operations of the Koch brother. With many myths and misconceptions about Charles Koch, it has become imperative for Democrats and the public to set out the myths from the facts.

Reacting to Barrack Obama’s Tenure as President

Information about the Koch Brothers political operations date back to the George Bush Administration. Charles Koch proclaimed that he and his brother opted to get involved in politics in 2003 after sighting the actions of the Bush government.

Pet Project

Koch network is not a pet project. Primarily, this is because information about their network has shown that the brothers have been rallying other wealthy individuals to donate towards similar political intentions.

Corporate Front

The Koch network has been proven to be more than just a corporate front. The Koch brothers are claimed to finance various think tanks and special groups to fight against various factors such as efforts to limit industrial pollution. They influence legislations through various Republican members.

Giving money to Conservative Groups

Many individuals view the Koch network as a secret bank. However, it should be noted that the network comprises of organizations, which fund various separate agendas that are crucial to the success of the entire network. Primarily, this is because the network consists of other wealthy individuals and organizations.

A Third-Political Party

Both the Koch network and the Republicans have a symbiotic relationship. The network needs the party’s office holders to advance their agenda while the Republicans requires the funding or access to donors.

Details Regarding Charles Koch

Charles Koch co-own the Koch Industries Inc., which is among the top privately owned energy companies. His success has resulted from his continued effort with his brother David to transform his father’s company into a mega corporation that deals with diverse petroleum commodities.

Charles Koch is also a philanthropist who has been financially supporting various activities geared to educational projects focusing on advancing free-market opinions, research, and policy. In addition, he is behind various scholarships as well as the research of different economists such as Friedrich Hayek and James Buchanan.

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