Sergio Turns on the MJ Charm

People that have seen Sergio Cortes perform may wonder if they are looking at a Jackson relative performing. According to Dino, Sergio is someone that looks a whole lot like MJ. This is what makes the performance so believable. People have been paying him to dress up like Michael since he was a teenager. Today Sergio is seeing how that benefits him. There is a lot of buzz about his wardrobe. He breaks out the glitter glove. Sergio has the red “Beat It” jacket. These are the things that will separate him from the rest. These are the things that have made him someone that others admire.

It takes a lot to impersonate Jackson. He is someone that managed to thrive in the entertainment world because he always kept the crowd wondering. They wanted to know what he would do next. He spaced out albums and made people wait for his return. This was unlike his pop adversary Prince who released an album every year. Jackson would become the entertainer that was known for flashy videos and costumes. This would make it difficult to entertain as an impersonator of MJ because it was a lot of work. People expect a wardrobe change from an impersonator that goes from “Smooth Criminal” to “Dirty Diana.” That is what Jackson took the time to do, and that is what fans have come to expect. Sergio Cortes knows this and that is what he brings to the table. He works hard to do the shows the way that Jackson would have done these shows.

That is one reason that the tribute shows for Michael Jackson have been so successful. Sergio took a song title from one of the classic songs of the “Thriller” album called “Human Nature” and came up with the spectacular Human Nature Experience. This is a tour where he impersonates Jackson down to the wire. Many fans have been longing to see this type of tour. He is taking it outside of Brazil, and he plans to expand a little more each year. It is amazing to see, and people just cannot stop talking about it.

Sergio has managed to earn a living doing this and he should. The work that he does is remarkable. It shows that MJ fans still want to hear the music and see someone perform it. This shows that the MJ fan torch will not dim.

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